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Mural Painter and Decorative Artist in Tampa Bay

Sandy Snider been working as an artist in Clearwater, Tampa, and St. Pete, Florida for many years. Her work has been featured in galleries and art shows in Pinellas County and Pasco County. She is widely known for her fun and lively hand-painted furniture as well as her faux-finish, interior decorative painting, and mural work.

You can hire Sandy to paint in your home or business. She has a great deal of experience helping residential and business owners plan out and execute attractive murals and decorations in a variety of styles. For example, she has painted realistic marbling faux finish in restaurants at a small fraction of the cost of real marble fixtures. There is also less commitment if you want to update your style in the future. Sandy has also painted series of murals for business chains wanting a fun, hand-painted uniqueness for each location but still wanting to maintain the same general style of ambience.

Sandy is available to work as a freelance muralist and decorative painter for you anywhere in Florida provided that you pay any travel expenses. She offers some of the most highly respected and competitively priced Florida custom murals and decorative painting for home and business.

The work you see on this web site is only a small sampling of the decorative and artistic painting work that Sandy has done over the years. For a full resume, sample book, and consultation, please call her at the number listed at the top of this page. You can also browse this site for photos and information about some of Sandy’s previous work on murals, paintings, hand painted furniture, interior design painting, and more.

This web portfolio is provided by Starving Art School. Sandy Snider is a Mural Artist in Tampa Bay Florida.